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Develop a customized report plugin in Katalon Studio

A sample custom keyword plugin to demonstrate how to generate a customized report.

This plugin provides a test listener that automatically generates a test suite report with a customized format as a text file under Reports folder.

Relevant project structure

├── Keywords
│ ├──
│ │ ├── SampleReportUtil.groovy
│ │ ├── TxtReportBuilder.groovy
├── Test Listeners
│ ├── SampleReportTSListener.groovy

How to build

Open this project with Katalon Studio.

Run the following command at the root folder:

gradle katalonPluginPackage

The plugin will be located at build/libs/katalon-studio-sample-report-plugin.jar afterwards.

How to use

Copy the above jar file and place it under Plugins folder of your Katalon project.