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Grant permission to access Support Portal

  • You must be an Owner of the Organization.

  • You have purchased KSE/KRE licenses.

By default, you can access the Support Portal as an Organization Owner. Your members might not have a permission to access the Support Portal yet, even if they have already been assigned a KSE/KRE license by you. Your organization members need to be assigned a Salesforce slot, which is different from the KSE/KRE licenses.

If you want your organization members to access the Support Portal, follow these steps:

  1. Sign in to TestOps Admin.
  2. On the Account admin page, select your Organization.
  3. Select the Supports section on the sidebar.
    The Support Management page displays.
  4. In the Support List section, assign the Salesforce slots to the desired members by toggling the ASSIGN SALESFORCE SLOTS on on the correct lines.
    Support Management page
Once you have assigned the Salesforce slots to the desired members, these members can automatically access the Support Portal. The number of Salesforce slots is limited to the number of licenses that you have purchased.