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View Katalon Studio test results in Jira tickets

With Jira integration, after a test suite execution Katalon Studio automatically uploads the latest test results and attaches a .zip file that contains test reports to the linked Jira ticket.
To view the test results, open the linked Jira ticket, click Open Test Results in the Details group.
Click on the Open test results in the Jira issue

See results of test case in the Jira issue

  • You can quickly find the test execution status via the JQL query. The syntax is as follows: "Katalon Status"=status
  • For example, to search for all issues that have failed in the Katalon Studio test execution, type "Katalon Status"=FAIL in the search bar. Katalon Studio supports five test statuses: Passed, Failed, Incomplete, Error, and Skipped.
  • When you view test results in Jira, ensure that you enable file attachments. To do this, follow instructions as given in the Jira document: Configuring file attachments.