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Manage test reports in Slack - Katalon Studio integration

The Slack Integration Plugin allows you to receive test execution results from Katalon Studio to a Slack channel in real-time.

This plugin supports both public and private channels.

This guide shows you how to create a Slack API app and configure the Slack Integration Plugin in Katalon Studio.

  • An active Katalon Studio Enterprise license.
  • A Slack workspace.

Create a Slack API app for integration

  1. To create a Slack API app, open a Slack workspace and navigate to the Slack API app site to create a new app from scratch.

    Create an app from scratch

  2. Configure the app. In the Feature sidebar, navigate to the OAuth & Permissions section, scroll down to the Scopes pane and add these Bot Token Scopes: app_mentions:read, calls:write, chat:write, and chat:write.customize.

    Add scopes

  3. To install the app, scroll up to the OAuth Tokens for Your Workspace pane and click on the Install to Workspace button.

    Install to Workspace button

  4. After the installation, a Bot User OAuth Token is displayed. Click on the Copy button to copy the token to your clipboard.

    Katalon Studio requires this token to integrate with a Slack API app.

    Copy the OAuth token

  5. Select a channel in your Slack workspace. In the message field, type in "/invite" and select Add apps to this channel. Enter your app's name.

    Add apps to this channel

Enable Slack Integration

  1. Install the Slack Integration plugin from Katalon Store. After installing the plugin, open Katalon Studio and select Your Account > Reload Plugins. For detailed instructions, see: Reload Plugins.

  2. In the main menu, select Project > Settings > Plugin > Slack.

    KS Slack settings

  3. To enable Slack Integration, check the Using Slack checkbox.

  4. In the Authentication section, input the required information:

  5. Authentication Token: The Bot User OAuth Token of your Slack API app.
  6. Channel/Group: The Slack channel where the app is added.

    Slack settings input

  7. Click the Test Connection button to ensure Katalon Studio is integrated with the Slack API app. Click Apply when done.

    Check Slack connection

  8. After the configuration, whenever an execution in Katalon Studio is finished, your Slack API app will automatically send execution reports to the configured Slack channel.

    Configure Slack plugin