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Transfer Organization ownership

  • You must be the Owner of your Organization.

You may want to transfer ownership in the following circumstances:

  • When you want to change your current email address.
  • When you want to transfer your Organization to another member.

Transfer ownership to an existing member

You have invited the user to join your Organization. See: Invite users to join an Organization.

  • Transferring Organization ownership does not affect Project ownership. The previous Organization Owner still has Owner permissions for Projects they created.

Follow these steps to transfer ownership to an existing member:

  1. Sign in to TestOps Admin and choose your Account.
  2. On the Account admin page, select your Organization.
    Account admin page
  3. Once you're on the Organization admin page, select the Users section to open User Management page. You can see a list of active members in the Active Users section.
  4. Navigate to the member you want to select, then click on the three dots icon at the end of the row and click Transfer Owner Role.
    User Management page
  5. The Transfer Owner Role dialog pops up as below. Double check the member's email address then enter your account's password (if you are using a Katalon account) for authentication.
    Transfer owner role dialog
  6. Click on the red Transfer Owner Role button to confirm.
    • You cannot undo this action.

You have transferred the Organization ownership to the selected email address/member.

That member is now the new Owner of your Organization. The new Owner has all privileges, including the ability to transfer ownership in the Organization. See: Roles and permissions.

After transferring ownership, your role automatically becomes the Admin role.

Transfer ownership to a new email address

As an Owner of an Organization, the email address you have registered with Katalon TestOps is bound to your TestOps Organization and becomes a unique ID. You cannot change this unique ID.

If you want to change your email address, follow these steps:

  1. Create a new account using your new email address.
  2. Send an invitation to join the Organization to the new email address. See: Invite users to join an Organization.
  3. Join the Organization as a new user. See: Join TestOps Organizations.
  4. Transfer ownership to the new email address. See: Transfer Ownership.
  5. Delete the old account. See: Remove existing users.