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Katalon Studio Release Notes: Version 8.x

  • To download and upgrade your version to 8.6.8, go to Katalon website: Katalon Studio version 8.6.8.
  • Katalon Studio is not compatible with macOS Ventura 13.1 Intel. To use Katalon Studio 8.x, please upgrade your macOS to version 13.6.1.

Version 8.6.9

Release date: March 15, 2024


  • Added the ability to automatically update WebDriverManager.


  • Error related to internal.GlobalVariable which caused failures on test case executions.

Version 8.6.8

Release date: September 7, 2023


  • Unable to activate with KRE offline license without an internet connection.

  • Unable to use the -testOps.serverUrl argument.

Version 8.6.6

Release date: August 18, 2023


  • Added Chrome 116 and Edge 115 compatibility.

  • Updated WebDriverManager to 5.4.1 (with Java 1.8) so users can in-app update Chrome WebDriver to 115 and newer.


  • Unable to in-app update ChromeDriver to version 115.

  • Unable to start Katalon Studio on some Windows 10 and 11 machines with an error: "Failed to load the JNI shared library".

  • Adjusted the Register link in the Activation dialog to the sign-up page of the Katalon website.

Version 8.6.7.beta

Release date: June 19, 2023

New features

Introduced StudioAssist - an AI assistant inside Katalon Studio that enables testers to write automated tests more effectively and efficiently. StudioAssist allows you to:
  • Generate test scripts from natural language inputs
  • Explain what a highlighted test script does
For further instructions on how to use StudioAssist, refer to StudioAssist in Katalon Studio.

Version 8.6.5

Release date: May 31, 2023

New features

  • Introduced new onboarding tours with Katalon Runtime Engine (KRE) tour as the highlight. You can try out the onboarding tour by opening a Project, then go to Help > Quickstart guide. The tour is listed as the sixth step of the Quickstart checklist. See Katalon Help.

  • [Test Suite editor]:
    • Added the Analytics tab with insights leveraged from Katalon Platform.

    • Added three columns in the Main tab: Flakiness (%), Latest Runs, and Avg. Duration (Average Duration). See View test suite analytics in Katalon Studio.


  • Enhanced Start Page with a new look and more customized information for each onboarding phase, with the following key enhancements:
    • License notification banner now also displays the expiry date of Katalon Runtime Engine license.

    • Added Platform section with advanced test reports if you enabled Katalon Platform integration.

    • Added Walkthroughs section showing the progress of Katalon Studio and Katalon Platform tours.

    • Reorganized Quick Links and Resources sections. See Version 8.0.0 - 8.0.1.

  • Enhanced UI for Quickstart guide and Katalon Platform Integration dialog (previously named Katalon TestOps Integration).

  • Simplified the onboarding experience by removing some onboarding questionnaires.

  • Supported using Katalon Compact Utility (KCU) Chrome extension on Edge Chromium browser. See Configure KCU with Microsoft Edge profile.

  • Added a tooltip for the Common Comment keyword.

  • Added Connection Properties for JDBC Driver settings in Project > Settings > Database.

  • Added Edge 113, Chrome 113, and Gecko 0.33 (Firefox 113) compatibility.

  • [Security Compliance]:
    • Upgraded SnakeYML to version 2.0.

    • Upgraded Azul Zulu OpenJDK to 8.68 (8u362).


  • Enabled the Gift icon on the toolbar for the referral program.

  • Supported running tests on TestCloud in Katalon Runtime Engine with only TestCloud license required.


The following fixes are integrated when you download/upgrade to Katalon Studio 8.6.5:
  • [Katalon Platform integration]:
    • Some accounts could not fetch Team and Project.

    • Did not display enough Team options for existing users.

  • [WebUI.concatenate keyword]:
    • Could not edit input value when using the keyword.

    • Generated incorrect script when using in manual mode.

  • Keywords worked with incorrect timeout:
    • WebUI.verifyElementPresent

    • WebUI.verifyElementNotPresent

    • WebUI.waitForElementPresent

    • WebUI.waitForElementNotPresent

Version 8.6.0

Release date: March 16, 2023

New features


  • [Web Recorder & Spy]:
    • Improved the mechanism for recognizing duplicate objects. Duplicate objects are now identified based on the ID and several common attributes of the object.

    • When capturing an iframe object, you can now also capture its child.

  • [Shadow DOM]:
    • Supported recording multi-level Shadow DOM objects and locating them during runtime.

    • Enhanced the "Show unused test objects" feature by not showing Shadow DOM root object and iframe parent objects.

  • Improved Katalon Studio responsiveness and performance:
    • Added a progress bar showing the release license process for when closing Katalon Studio.

    • Reduced the lagging and hanging when starting Katalon Studio by stabilizing the loading of the Start Page.

  • [Katalon Runtime Engine] Support overriding global variables with Number type.

  • Added Chrome 110 compatibility.

  • Added Edge 110 compatibility.

  • Added Gecko 0.32.0 (Firefox 110) compatibility.

  • [Security Compliance]:
    • Upgraded jackson-databind to version 2.14.0.


  • In Project Settings, we grouped the integration of Katalon TestOps and Katalon TestCloud into one place. Katalon Platform integration will also enable TestCloud and TestOps integrations. See Integrate Katalon TestOps and Katalon TestCloud with Katalon Studio.

  • Katalon Studio - Platform Edition version 8.5.5 will be the most recent supported version. From version 8.6.0 onwards, Katalon Studio is only available in one edition (previously known as Standalone Edition):
    • For existing users, you can continue to use Platform Edition as usual.

    • If you want to use the new features, you can download the latest version of Katalon Studio from Katalon website: Katalon Studio 8.6.0.


The following fixes are integrated when you download/upgrade to Katalon Studio 8.6.0:

  • Wrong object ID when copying and pasting a test step.

  • Unable to rename the test case right after moving it into another folder.

  • After renaming a test case a few times, the script's content was removed.

  • When modifying test cases or test case folders, the test case IDs in test suites and dynamic test suites did not update automatically.

  • "Unable to paste data" error when copying and pasting a java class in Include > scripts > groovy > package.

  • [Web Spy] Unable to save iframe elements after renaming the elements during Web Spy.

  • [Web Recorder & Spy] Unable to recognize element's children of a Shadow DOM.

  • Unable to add more variables into a Web Service Request after switching tabs in the Object Editor.

  • [BDD] KeywordUtil.markFailedAndStop did not stop the execution when the cucumber step failed if it was used after KeywordUtil.markFailed in a BDD test case.

  • [Test Cloud] Unable to execute with TestCloud environment on Azure DevOps.

  • When canceling a test suite execution with TestCloud / mobile configuration, Studio throws a warning dialog: Unable to execute the currently selected test suite.

  • [API Testing] When disabling the Auto update Content Type in the Object Repository, the editor did not save as expected. After closing the editor and re-opening it, the Auto update Content Type remained on.

Known limitations

  • Executing tests with TestCloud mobile browsers using KRE is currently not supported yet.

  • iOS 16 requires Appium 2.x and Xcode 14. However, Appium 2.x and Xcode 14 are not officially supported in this release. You can download the Proof of Concept for Appium 2.x and Xcode 14 from our GitHub repository: 8.5.4.alpha. For more details, refer to Execute mobile tests with Appium 2.x in Katalon Studio (PoC).

Version 8.5.5

Release date: December 6, 2022


  • We added Chrome 107 and Edge 107 compatibility for Katalon Studio 8.5.5 and later releases.

  • Katalon Studio now has an updated look, courtesy of our new brand logo.

  • The following are security compliance enhancements that come with Katalon 8.5.5:

    • Upgraded PostgreSQL to version 42.4.1.

    • Upgraded TinyMCE and TinyMCE jQuery to version 6.2.0.

    • Upgraded Eclipse Jetty libraries to 9.4.48.v20220622.

    • Upgraded SnakeYML to version 1.31.

    • Upgraded WebDriverManager JAR to version 4.4.3.

    • Resolved the vulnerabilities from the woodstox-core version 5.3.0.

    • Upgraded the Apache Commons Text library to version 1.10.0.

    • TestRail password is encrypted before saving to the file.

    • Fixed the Web Server Directory Traversal Arbitrary File Access vulnerabilities of the Katalon web view, which serves the Start Page and the Product Tour.

  • Email addresses that contain the special character ' can now activate their accounts in Katalon Studio.

  • We have added the option to automatically generate HTML reports for test suite collections. See Export reports to other formats.

  • The following are the latest enhancements that come with Katalon Studio - Platform Edition version 8.5.5:
    • Added more error messages when unable to open recent projects.

    • Added the Troubleshoot button to the Open Project dialog.

    • Added more projects to the Recent Projects list of the Test Explorer panel.

  • We have updated the error message to provide context when users cannot execute tests using excel test data.


  • Applitools is no longer a built-in Katalon Studio Enterprise feature. You can still integrate Katalon Studio with Applitools using this plugin from Katalon Store: ​Applitools Integration​.

  • On the main toolbar, we have removed the Gift icon for the referral program.


We have integrated the following fixes when you download/upgraded to Katalon Studio 8.5.5:
  • The intermittent performance issue of version 8.5.0.

  • "Can not open this test case" when using the Auto restore working session.

  • "No such property" when playback existing test case that contains variables in Web Recorder.

  • Not finishing the execution in Katalon Studio when executing the test suite collection that has an ID longer than 255 characters.

  • Error when merging elements with updated attributes into existing objects using the option Merge changes into existing objects in Record and Spy utilities.

  • When using custom keywords containing the test object parameter, the test object did not appear in the Object column of the Manual view.

  • We have also integrated the following fixes to Katalon Studio - Platform Edition version 8.5.5:
    • Unable to open recent projects in the File menu.

    • Not showing error messages in some cases when Katalon Studio fails to open recent projects.

    • Not showing an error message when executing the script that contains errors.

Version 8.5.2

Release date: October 20, 2022


  • [Katalon Runtime Engine] Changed the activation flow of Katalon Runtime Engine: The activation flow for Platform Edition is now the same as Standalone Edition.

Version 8.5.1

Release date: September 29, 2022


  • [Platform Edition] Enhanced the error message in the Open Project dialog and the application onboarding. See Version 8.0.0 - 8.0.1.

Version 8.5.0

From version 8.5.0 onwards, Katalon Studio has two editions: Katalon Studio - Standalone Edition and Katalon Studio - Platform Edition.

The Katalon Studio - Platform Edition is a component of the Katalon Platform - a modern, comprehensive quality management platform that enables teams to efficiently test, launch, and optimize testing without any complicated setup. With the platform solution, test automation teams can collaborate, manage, scale, and continuously improve testing operations. See About Katalon Platform.

If you are new to Katalon Platform, you are using the Katalon Studio - Platform Edition. With this Edition, TestOps and Git integration are enabled by default. If you already use Katalon Studio version 8.4.1 and before, you can upgrade to Katalon Studio - Standalone version 8.5.0 onwards. See Version 8.0.0 - 8.0.1.

Katalon Studio - Platform Edition and Standalone Edition share most of their features. When they do, the documentation only mentions "Katalon Studio". When they do not, the documentation will specify which Edition that feature is available for: either "Katalon Studio - Standalone Edition", or "Katalon Studio - Platform Edition".
  • If you are using the auto-update feature:

    • In Standalone Edition: You can upgrade from version 8.0.0 to version 8.5.0 or high versions of Standalone Edition normally.

    • In Platform Edition: You can update version 8.5.0 of Platform Edition to higher versions of Platform Edition.

Release date: September 21, 2022

New features

  • [Dynamic Test Suite] In the Query Provider of the dynamic test suite, added the Built-in Search option. See Dynamic Test Suite.


  • Added Chrome 105 compatibility.

  • Added Edge 105 compatibility.

Changes for Katalon Studio - Platform Edition

  • Introduced a new dialog to open a project and removed the option to create a new project in Katalon Studio. Katalon TestOps and Git integration are required to open a project in Katalon Studio. See Open a project in Katalon Studio - Platform Edition.
  • In Project Settings > Project Information, added the information of TestOps Server URL, Repository URL, and Project Type. You can now change your project type to test different types of applications in the same project. See View and edit your project information in ​Katalon Studio - Platform Edition​​.
  • In Project Settings, removed the TestOps screen. Katalon TestOps is now enabled by default for every user, except for On Premise license and offline activation.

  • On the main toolbar, clicking on the TestOps icon navigates you to the Project Settings > Project Information screen.

  • In the Generate Command for Console Mode dialog, removed the option to override TestOps project ID. See Command Builder in Katalon Studio.

  • [Git integration]:

  • [Debug mode]:

    • Running in debug mode does not automatically export basic reports (HTML, PDF, CSV).

    • Removed the ability to export reports manually.

    • Running in debug mode does not automatically send execution results to Katalon TestOps.

Known limitations

When working with Git on Katalon Studio Platform Edition running on Virtual Machine with Linux, you might encounter this error message: "Failed to write credentials for <Git repository URL> to secure store. No secure storage modules found."

Workaround: Katalon team is going to fix this issue in upcoming releases. For the time being, there are two solutions to this limitation:

On your Linux machine, open Git on a browser. Copy and paste your script changes into your file in Git on the browser, then commit changes.


Copy your current project on your Linux or Windows machine, then use independent Git to commit changes.

Version 8.4.1

Release date: August 8, 2022


  • Added Chrome 103 compatibility.

  • Added Edge Chromium 103 compatibility.

  • [Katalon Docker image]:

    • Upgraded Docker image Ubuntu version to 20.04.

    • Added the capability to run tests in different locales using the Katalon Docker image.

  • [Security Compliance]:

    • Upgraded Newtonsoft.Json to version 13.0.1.

    • Upgraded javascript-hint-5.19.0.js to CodeMirror version 5.58.2.

Version 8.4.0

Release date: July 13, 2022

New features


  • Added Chrome 102 compatibility.

  • Added Edge 102 compatibility.

  • Added GeckoDriver 0.31 compatibility (Firefox 91).

  • [Security and Compliance] Added the digital signature on Katalon Studio IDE and Katalon Runtime Engine for Windows.

  • Katalon Studio on Linux:

    • Added the option to update WebDriver with Edge Chromium on Linux.

    • Added the option to capture screenshots and record videos on Edge Chromium on Linux.

  • [Katalon Docker image]: Added the option to run tests with Edge Chromium on the Katalon Docker image.

  • [Katalon Platform]:

    • [Katalon TestOps] Added the -testOps.serverUrl parameter for overriding authentication in Project Settings.

    • [Katalon TestOps] Added the -testOps.baselineCollectionId parameter for specifying which visual baseline collection to use when executing a test run via the Katalon command.

    • [Katalon TestCloud] Updated the command line to configure the TestCloud tunnel. See Configure TestCloud Tunnel.

  • [API testing] Added 3 new code snippets to the Verification tab:

    • Response body: Validate JSON against schema

    • Response body: Validate XML against schema

    • Response body: Validate GraphQL against schema

  • [Applitools integration] To support the integration with Applitools On-Premise, we added the option to input the Applitools server URL to integrate with Katalon Studio in the Project Settings. See Applitools Integration.


  • [Bug] The shortcut to import default packages of built-in keywords: Ctrl/Command+Shift+O was not working properly.

  • [Bug] Missing the Edge icon in the list of running browser instances in Run from here and Debug from here.

  • [Bug] The web service keyword getElementText was not working properly.

  • [Bug] [Mobile] When configuring test suites inside a test suite collection to run with multiple mobile devices, the test suite collection only ran with one mobile device.

Version 8.3.5

Release date: May 18, 2022

New features


  • Added Chrome 101 compatibility.
  • Added Microsoft Edge (Chromium) 101 compatibility.
  • [TestCloud Report]: Enhanced reports in JUnit, PDF, and CSV format when integrating with Katalon TestCloud.
  • [Security Compliance]:
    • [Spring4Shell] Updated spring-context from 5.1.0.RELEASE to 5.3.19.
    • Updated jackson-databind from 2.11.2 to to resolve the CVE-2020-36518 vulnerability.
    • Updated PostgreSQL from 42.2.17.jre7 to 42.3.3 to resolve the CVE-2022-26520 and CVE-2022-21724 vulnerabilities.
  • [Docker image] Improved sending email in Docker image.

Version 8.3.0

New features


  • [Security Compliance] Upgraded Log4j to version 2.17.1.
  • [Katalon Gradle Plugin] Supported Gradle 7 and the latest com.github.jengelman.gradle.plugins:shadow v7.1.2+ to prevent Log4Shell vulnerabilities. See Develop a custom keywords plugin.
  • Added Microsoft Edge (Chromium) 99 compatibility.
  • Added Chrome 100 compatibility.
  • Applied alphabetical order for custom keyword folders.
  • [DDT Reports]:
    • Added an option to differentiate iteration names with the chosen variable in the test suite HTML reports and the Test Case Table. See Specify iteration names in data-driven testing reports.
    • Improved handling of long data binding names for HTML reports and test case names in the Test Case Table.
  • [Katalon Platform]:
    • [TestCloud Integration] Added status message when reopening the TestCloud configuration dialog with tunnel enabled.
    • [TestOps Integration] Changed navigation when clicking Schedule on Katalon TestOps in the test suite collection from the Planning tab to the Schedule Test Run screen.
  • [Email Settings]:
    • Disabled email validation on Username and Password of Mail Server Settings. See Mail Server.
    • Added test suite/test suite collection names in the email subject of test reports.
    • Enabled calling of global variables in the email body of a test suite and test suite collection.
    • Added duration and start time in the email body of a test suite.
  • [Mobile]:
    • Added Send Keys, Take Screenshot, Switch To Web View, Switch To Native in Available Actions for Mobile Recorder Utility.
    • Improved launch time for Android applications.
    • Added troubleshooting mechanism to reinstall all iOS dependencies & rebuild WebDriverAgent. See Troubleshooting automated mobile testing.
    • Enhanced third-party tools and iOS dependencies installation. See [Mobile] iOS setup.
    • Added /opt/homebrew/bin as one of the default paths to look up iOS dependencies.
  • [API Testing] Added the Import Postman option in the Tests Explorer panel and the main menu bar. See Import from Postman.
  • [Katalon Runtime Engine] Removed the environment and license messages in the execution log.
  • Removed unused messages in the test suite collection and Web/Mobile Spy/Recorder Utility.
  • [UI Changes]:
    • [Katalon Product Tours] Improved step-by-step messages in Product Tours for WebUI testing, API testing and test suite.
    • Changed UI text from Quick Start Page into Quickstart guide in the Help menu.


  • Bug: [On-Premises and Cloud Licensing Servers] Displayed the session termination dialog during an active licensed session.
  • Bug: [BDD] "KeywordUtil.markFailed" logged the error but did not continue execution in the BDD framework.
  • Bug: Obsolete proxy desired capabilities for Firefox caused test failures.
  • [qTest]:
    • Bug: Could not upload reports to qTest with the Java heap space error.
    • Bug: Split test case execution history according to the number of attachments.
  • Bug: [Katalon Runtime Engine] Did not print specific names of empty test suites when executing in Katalon Runtime Engine.
  • [Mobile]:
    • Bug: Screenshots unexpectedly taken twice when using the Mobile.TakeScreenShot() keyword once.
    • Bug: Could not apply Chrome capabilities to override the private connection issue in the Android Emulator.
  • Bug: Could not refresh the project root folder when clicking Project > Refresh or right-clicking in the Tests Explorer panel > Refresh.
  • Bug: Could not update test object references after renaming test objects.
  • Bug: [Docker Image] Unable to send email reports when running test script. Download Docker Image version 8.3.0.
  • Bug: Could not send execution reports via emails on Linux/Windows/macOS.
  • Bug: Incorrectly embedded GeckoDriver in Katalon packages.
  • [TestCloud Integration]:
    • Bug: Could not execute the following test cases when the previous test case failed.
    • Bug: The navigateToUrl keyword returned an incorrect status.
    • Bug: Unable to execute tests with proxy configuration.
  • Bug: [Kobiton/TestCloud Integration] Displayed java.lang.NullPointerException error when reopening test suite collection after disabling Kobiton/TestCloud.
  • Bug: [Kobiton Integration] Unable to tap the dropdown menu to select elements when testing iOS devices.
  • Bug: Failed to terminate all chromedriver.exe files after test execution.
  • Bug: Unexpectedly minimized Katalon Studio when minimizing Mobile Spy/Recorder Utility and Native Windows Recorder windows.
  • [API Testing]:
    • Bug: Automatically removed double quote in the Query Parameter section.
    • Bug: Could not load new content from a parameterized URL of the SOAP request.
    • Bug: Unable to import an OpenAPI 3.0 JSON file with no schema object.
  • Bug: Unable to include PNG files in the .zip attachment of reports sent via email.
  • Bug: [TestRail Plugin] Unable to upload execution reports to TestRail when enabling TestOps integration.
  • Bug: Did not display error messages when creating duplicated property names.
  • Bug: [Mail Server Settings] Could not parse email settings information if setting values contain whitespace.
  • Bug: [Katalon Runtime Engine] Displayed NLS missing message: ConsoleMain_MSG_NON_DEVOPS_LICENSE_COMPATIBLITY in console log.

Known security issues

Version 8.2.5

Release date: January 20, 2022

New features


  • Added Microsoft Edge (Chromium) 96 compatibility.
  • Added Chrome 97 compatibility.
  • [Operating System] Windows 11 support: You can use Katalon Studio and Katalon Runtime Engine on computers running under Windows 11.
  • [Security Compliance]:
    • Upgraded Netty library to netty-all 4.1.61.Final.
    • Upgraded jsoup library to jsoup 1.14.3.
  • Enabled the connection to the SAP HANA database. To set up SAP HANA database for Data-driven testing, download this executable jar file: SAP HANA JDBC Driver and follow this tutorial: Connect to a database with an external JDBC driver.
  • Introduced the xpath:customAttributes in the web locator strategies. See Configure XPath.
  • Introduced an option in the Project Setting to include/exclude timestamps in the .properties files. See Include/Exclude timestamp in .properties files.
  • [TestOps Integration]:
    • Removed the Create Script Repository and Update Script Repository options.
    • Turned on Katalon TestOps Integration by default for new Web and API users.
  • [License Activation] Changed the Katalon license server to For authentication, Katalon Studio and Katalon Runtime Engine call this new server URL.
  • Improved the visibility of the search function. See Search Test Cases.
  • Removed unused messages in Test Suite.
  • [UI changes]:
    • [Dynamic Test Suite] Updated UI for the retry function in Dynamic Test Suite.
    • Changed the Communication, Feedback, and Support Portal buttons.
    • [TestOps Integration] Changed the UI in the Katalon TestOps Integration dialog. See Upload Test Results to Katalon TestOps from Katalon Studio.
    • [License Activation] Changed UI text from Deactivate to Log out.


  • Bug: Editing script and executing a test could intermittently cause the error: "java.lang.ClassFormatError: Truncated class file".
  • Bug: [qTest] Missing screenshots in the qTest HTML report.
  • Bug: [qTest] Could not run test suite right after configuring qTest integration.
  • Bug: Failed to update webdriver automatically when using custom desired capabilities.
  • Bug: [Katalon Runtime Engine] Not sending all Jira IDs test results in the Jira report when executing with Katalon Runtime Engine.
  • Bug: [On-Premises and Cloud Licensing Servers] Not showing the terminate session popup when deleting online licenses.
  • Bug: [Web Recorder] Lacked test steps in the Recorder Logs when playing back the test case.
  • Bug: Inside the Log Viewer, unable to navigate to a specific step by right-clicking on the step and choosing Go to this step in Script View.

Version 8.2.0

Release date: November 18, 2021

New features


  • Added Chrome 95 compatibility.
  • Added Microsoft Edge (Chromium) 95 compatibility.
  • [Security] Addressed Security Vulnerabilities of Open-Source Software.
  • Added an option in Katalon Studio Preferences to automatically disable connection to external domains.
  • [Performance] Improved Katalon Studio IDE and Katalon Runtime Engine performance:
    • Introduced Delay between instances option in Katalon Studio and -delayBetweenInstances parameter in Katalon Runtime Engine to execute Test Suite Collection in parallel mode. See Command Syntax, quick tip: search for -delay.
    • Improved loading time in Katalon Runtime Engine. Results from our benchmarking tests show: 2x faster for big projects, 1.5x faster for small and medium projects.
    • Improved responsiveness and loading time for big projects in Katalon Studio. Results from our benchmarking tests show: renaming/opening test cases 2x faster, moving test cases 1.5x faster.
    • Reduced 12% memory consumption on average of Katalon Studio when opening/executing tests.
    • Reduced 30% memory consumption on average of Katalon Runtime Engine for long execution sessions.
  • [Web Testing] Improved Synchronization Handling for Web Testing:
    • [Katalon Studio and Katalon Runtime Engine] Improved the Click and Click Offset Keywords to automatically delay and click again on an element behind a loading overlay. See Click and Click Offset.
    • [Smart Wait] Added detection and waiting capabilities for fetch-based requests to finish before continuing with the next action.
    • [Smart Wait] Added Edge Chromium compatibility for Smart Wait. See [WebUI] Smart Wait Function.
  • [Katalon Studio Enterprise] Introduced Idle Timeout Bypass Limit to automatically log out licensed users due to timeout. See Configure Idle Timeout.
  • [BDD] Added BDD testing onboarding flow.
  • [Jira Integration] Only displayed the Bug icon in Final test results.
  • [Console Log] Enhanced Plugin loading information in the console log of Katalon Studio Enterprise and Katalon Runtime Engine.
  • [Katalon Runtime Engine] Removed the "Offline activation failed" message in the execution log.
  • [DDT] Specified the input data of iterations in the Data-driven Testing report.


  • Bug: [CSV Report] Incorrect status for skipped Test Suite in CSV Report.
  • Bug: Unable to recognize namespace in SOAP Envelope Body.
  • Bug: [BDD] Failed feature file from the second run when calling custom keywords.
  • Bug: null.null Katalon version in the Report Viewer when deactivating the current account and activating a new one.
  • Bug: Incorrect information of test case in Log Report Viewer.
  • Bug: Not matching between the Elapsed time of execution in Katalon Studio and the generated report.
  • Bug: [Jira Integration] Could not interact with embedded Jira page. Fixed with changes to Jira Integration version 1.0.22. Download here: Jira Integration.
  • Bug: [Jira Integration] Jira-linked tickets had no step in the description.
  • Bug: [WebUI] Could not generate test steps when using replace, trim, split function and opening WebUI Recorder.
  • Bug: Incorrect Copyright and Version information for Katalon Studio and Katalon Runtime Engine packages on macOS.

Version 8.1.0

Release date: August 18, 2021

New features


  • [Katalon Studio Enterprise] Improved the Retry Failed Executions Immediately feature and Introduced the consolidated execution reports to address test flakiness. See Retry Failed Execution Immediately.
  • [Azure DevOps Integration] Introduced an option to submit Release Information together with Test Run to Azure DevOps. See Integration with Azure DevOps Test Plans
  • [Kobiton Integration] Introduced custom remote server and device name functionality. See Mobile Testing with Kobiton Devices
  • Added Chrome 92 compatibility.
  • Added Microsoft Edge (Chromium) 92 compatibility.
  • [Plugin] Introduced new APIs for the Plugin platform. See new APIs list
  • Performance: Reduced time to open a Test Case with many variables.
  • [Katalon Runtime Engine] Passed a path to the Android SDK root folder by using ANDROID_HOME environment variable. See Specify a path to Android SDK root folder


  • Fixed UI issues:
    • [Azure DevOps] Expanding Submission Options broke the UI.
    • [TestOps] Creating new files with TestOps broke the UI.
    • Expanding Execution Information broke the UI.
    • [macOS Big Sur] Could not switch to Object Properties View.
    • [macOS Big Sur] Text of selected items on table and tree were hidden.
    • [macOS Big Sur] Could not update Log Viewer when the execution items were changed on the Job Progress.
    • [Mobile Object Spy] Fixed typo error "Application ID".
    • [Mobile] An issue of displaying device ID instead of device name in the Progress bar.
    • [Mobile] An incorrect UI thrown when opening Object from the script.
    • [API Testing] An issue of displaying incorrect redirect link to "Customize API method".
    • Could not display test steps after recording.
    • Clarified warning message for when broken Test Object could not be moved.
    • Options in "Retry after executing all" were disabled when generating command.
    • Fixed labels and added referral link in the Library Management.
  • Fixed Report issues:
    • An incorrect test status thrown when finish executing in the BDD Report.
    • An issue of displaying incorrect in-line color and icon for failed test steps in the Report and Report Viewer when using assertion.
    • Skipped Test Cases were marked as Passed in HTML report.
    • [Cucumber] Executed steps were not displaying correctly in the Console log.
    • Duplicated information in the Event log.
    • An incorrect response thrown when users cancel the Export Report.
    • Could not configure Report in Project Setting without internet connection.
  • Bug: [Slack Integration] Failed to connect to Slack.
  • Bug: [TestRail Integration] Solved issues with Project Settings.
  • Bug: [Katalon Studio Enterprise] Could not select Run and Debug from here in specific cases.
  • Bug: [Katalon Runtime Engine] Failed to replace excluded built-in libraries with external libraries.
  • Bug: [API Testing] An incorrect response thrown when leaving the parameter blank in the request URL path.
  • Bug: [API Testing] Could not change object status after updating query parameters in Web Service object.
  • Bug: waitForImagePresent returned False despite the image appearing correctly.
  • Bug: verifyElementPropertyValue returned an incorrect error message.
  • Bug: When continuing to record scripts with an existing test case returned error messages incorrectly.
  • Bug: An issue of deleting script when using customized keywords with incorrect values.
  • Bug: Could not link an existing Window Object to Window built-in keyword.
  • Bug: Could not activate Katalon Studio by providing email with extra spacing.
  • Bug: Browser-based recorder could not record videos for the second test case if reusing an open browser.
  • Bug: Explorer Configuration in Project Settings was not working as intended.

Known issues

Version 8.0.5

Release date: June 16, 2021



  • Fixed Katalon Docker Image not sending reports to Katalon TestOps.
  • Fixed issues with Custom Keywords where:
    • Back and Forth navigation in the Editor was not working.
    • Hyperlink was not working.
    • Javadoc was not working.
    • The Declaration of the keyword could not be opened.
    • [Cucumber] Custom Keywords in Step definitions were not working.
  • Bug: Resolved activation issue of Enterprise-exclusive plugins.
  • Bug: Resolved Test Suite stopped executing after some test cases.
  • Fixed reports parsing issues:
    • [Katalon Runtime Engine] Could not generate and submit JUnit report to Katalon TestOps.
    • Could not generate reports due to Null character in log files.
    • [Katalon Runtime Engine] Katalon Studio Image could not send report to Katalon TestOps.
  • Fixed Katalon Runtime Engine hanging issues when:
    • Running tests with Selenium Grid.
    • [Test Suite Collection] The number of Java threads kept increasing during execution.

Version 8.0.0 - 8.0.1

Release date: May 10, 2021

New Features

  • [Katalon Studio Enterprise] Supported native integration with Azure DevOps Test Plans. Learn more
  • [Katalon Studio Enterprise] Imported/Exported desired capabilities. Learn more
  • [Katalon Runtime Engine License] Added a parameter to release the previous execution session before checking the license. Learn more
  • Provided Product Tours for new Web UI and Web Service users.


  • Supported Chrome 90.
  • Supported Microsoft Edge (Chromium) 90.
  • Updated the embedded GeckoDriver to 0.29 (Firefox 88).
  • Improved Performance: Load large projects faster and consume less memory during execution.
  • Edge Chromium was now the default embedded browser (used to be Internet Explorer).
  • [Windows OS] Replaced embedded Oracle JRE 8 with Azul Zulu OpenJDK 8.
  • Enhanced Katalon TestOps Integration:
    • [Katalon Runtime Engine] Supported query for Test Suite Collection. Learn more
    • [Katalon Runtime Engine] Supported new parameters for the new Build concept. Learn more
  • [Katalon Runtime Engine] Passed HashMap for Global Variables from CLI.
  • [Katalon Runtime Engine] Added an option to Command Builder for updating WebDriver automatically.
  • [Enhanced Report] Added profile details to the email reports.


  • Katalon accounts registered with personal email are eligible for Katalon Studio Enterprise and Katalon Runtime Engine trial licenses for 30 days.
  • MySQL became an external library. To keep it in use, follow this guide to configure MySQL database connection.


  • Bug: Fixed all blocker & critical security vulnerabilities reported by SonarQube in static code analysis and 3rd-party libraries scanning tools.
  • Bug: [Katalon Runtime Engine] Lacking of tracking event for activation.
  • Bug: [Windows] Missing Network connection Preference.
  • Bug: [Chrome 86] Recorder utility was not working.
  • Bug: Could not import Swagger JSON files.
  • Bug: The Bypass Certificate validation option was not working.
  • Bug: [Katalon Runtime Engine] An issue of not sending emails via command syntax sendMail.
  • Bug: An issue of deleting scripts when renaming the folder name.
  • Bug: Could not drag and drop a custom keyword from Keyword Browser.
  • Bug: Could not update References of Called Test Cases when the test cases are moved by drag and drop or cut and paste.
  • Bug: [Mobile testing] Could not capture object(s) while testing.